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Geotextile open curb stormwater filter for trash and debris capture.

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StormTrough Overview – Geotextile Open Curb Stormwater Filter

Fabco Industries has recently introduced another new groundbreaking product set to redefine stormwater filtration – the StormTrough. This innovative open curb stormwater filter is designed to efficiently capture trash and debris, offering a sustainable solution for urban stormwater management.

The StormTrough was designed with intent to address the challenges associated with maintenance in open curb manhole inlets. Its revolutionary design features a trough along the curb wall, positioned to capture trash and debris effectively before transporting it to a removeable geotextile filter bag. The filter bag is strategically placed directly below the manhole, creating a seamless process for cleaning and maintenance, simplifying the overall stormwater management process.

By capturing trash and debris at the source, the StormTrough helps prevent pollutants from entering water bodies, protecting the local ecosystem. The removable geotextile collection bag also promotes responsible waste management, allowing for easy, proper disposal of collected debris.

fabco industries stormtrough open curb stormwater filter

StormTrough Geotextile Open Curb Stormwater Filter

StormTrough Geotexile Open Curb Filter Overview

StormTrough Transparent
  • Available in full welded aluminum or stainless steel frame suitable for extreme conditions or heavy-duty commercial use
  • Large volume replaceable geotextile filter bag (145 GPM/ft²)
  • Custom sizes and configurations are available
  • Easily mount sack to frame using loop and rod system
  • Sack lifting tabs for easy removal when performing maintenance
  • Rubber splash guards to ensure trash and debris capture

StormTrough Geotextile Open Curb Stormwater Filter Photos

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