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In the ever-evolving world of stormwater management, we continue to lead the way with innovative solutions here at Fabco Industries. Our latest product, the new Automatic Retractable Screen (ARS) Filter, yet again sets a higher standard for efficiency and reliability in urban water management systems!

open curb inlet example stormwater inlet survey assistance

The Problem: Blockages, Clogs and Flooding

Communities around the world face a common challenge: managing stormwater to help prevent flooding and minimize pollution. Traditional curb screens often become clogged with trash and debris during heavy rainfall, leading to water backflow, flooding, and potential damage to infrastructure. These blockages can cause significant disruptions and costly repairs, not to mention the environmental impact of untreated stormwater runoff entering local waterways.

The Solution: Fabco’s New Automatic Retractable Screen Filter

We’ve designed the ARS Filter to address these critical issues head-on. This new unit features an automatic retractable mechanism that dynamically responds to high flow events.

  • Smart Design: The ARS Filter integrates seamlessly with existing curb inlets, making installation straightforward and cost-effective. Simply mount the filter inside the curb with the concrete anchors.
  • Heavy-Duty Magnetic Mechanism: At the heart of the ARS Filter is a robust magnetic mechanism. During normal weather conditions, the filter screen remains in place, effectively stopping debris and pollutants from entering the curb throat.
  • Automatic Retraction: When a high flow event happens, the filter screen automatically retracts with enough force. This action prevents blockages by allowing stormwater to flow freely into the drainage system, reducing the risk of flooding in the street.
  • Compliments CPS Filter: Trash and debris that enters the inlet is caught by a connector pipe screen filter covering the outlet pipe.
  • Back to Normal: Once the storm subsides and flow rates return to normal, the filter screen is redeployed, resuming its protective role without any manual intervention.
ars curb screen fabco industries trash and debris filter edge
fabco industries ars curb screen trash and debris filter magnetic system

Benefits of the New Automatic Retractable Screen Filter

  • Easy Maintenance Practices: The automatic mechanism minimizes the need for frequent maintenance checks and manual cleaning, saving municipalities time and resources.
  • Environmental Protection: Consistently capturing debris and pollutants, the ARS Filter ensures cleaner stormwater runoff, contributing to healthier local waterways and ecosystems.
  • Streets Sweeping: The ARS fits directly into the curb throat opening, allowing street sweepers to do their job without interference.
  • Durability: Built with high-quality stainless steel and engineering precision, the ARS Filter is designed to withstand harsh weather conditions and deliver long-term performance.
fabco industries ars curb screen right side

A Game Changer in the Stormwater World

Fabco’s new Automatic Retractable Screen filter represents a significant advancement in stormwater management technology. Our engineering team continues to innovate and design revolutionary solutions that are easy to use and maintain. As our communities grow and the threat of climate change looms, solutions like the ARS Filter will be essential in creating resilient urban infrastructure!


Fabco Industries is a leader in stormwater management. We design and manufacture high performance stormwater filter systems that are highly effective for various treatment applications.

Our range of cost-effective, durable products are designed to meet increasingly stringent pollution control regulations and best management practices for municipal and commercial stormwater markets.

We offer sustainable, simple-to-maintain filtration solutions to meet virtually any stormwater pollution control challenge. Innovative technology.  Proven performance.  Unbeatable quality and value.

For more information on how Fabco products can help with your project, reach out to our nationwide distributor, Ferguson Waterworks or reach out to us directly at [email protected]!

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