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FabPhos Nutrient & Phosphorus Stormwater Filter Treatment Technology

Filtration System for Removing Phosphorus and Nutrients in Stormwater, Industrial Wastewater, and Municipal Wastewater Applications

FabPhos is a light-weight bulk media available in pads, thin sheets and even small cubes. The various shapes and configuration enable fine tuning of the flow characteristics based on the application and the actual storm water matrix. The unique synthetic base material is a fibrous mat that provides enormous surface area similar to fine Ion-exchange resins while resisting blinding and the release of “fines” during operation. When packaged into one of our unique cartridge filters and installed into a Fabco stormwater unit the combined treatment methods of mechanical filtration (for fine particles) and FABPHOS has proven to be capable of reducing phosphorous levels by up to 80%

Benefits of FabPhos Nutrient & Phosphorus Stormwater Filter Treatment

  • Proven effectiveness under rigorous field conditions
  • Proprietary filter media provides enormous surface area without using small particles which can severely restrict flow, blind easily and can release fines
  • Ability to bind large quantities of Phosphate permanently to its surface without negatively influencing pH or other the water quality factors
  • Non-hazardous and non-biodegradable

FabPhos Nutrient and Phosphorus Stormwater Filter Treatment

Performance on Nitrogen Compounds

During field studies of the FABPHOS technology, installation sites were selected in proximity to well maintained landscaped areas. While phosphate effectiveness was the primary focus of testing, elevated levels of nitrogen compounds were also expected in the surface runoff that would be directed to the filters.

Prior to these field trials initial small scale testing had shown that FABPHOS was effective on both phosphates and nitrogen compounds. However, there was some uncertainty on how well this effectiveness would transfer to the real world.

During sample testing 5 parameters were identified for analysis: Total and Ortho phosphates, Total Kjeldahl Nitrogen, Nitrate as N and Nitrogen, total as N.

The analysis of samples taken during multiple storm events showed an average 64% reduction in Phosphates and a greater than 30% decrease in the 3 measured nitrogen compounds.

FabPhos is a proprietary filtering media that can significantly reduce the concentration of both soluble, Ortho-phosphates and nitrogen compounds in storm water runoff. FabPhos is safe for the environment, has a high capacity for nutrient treatment and it does not leach captured pollutants at saturation. When combined with an effective TSS treatment device such as an underground hydraulic separator or Fabco’s StormBasin insert filter FabPhos can help storm water managers meet the greater than 40% reductions required by many states for phosphates as well as nitrogen compounds.

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