Stormwater Product Treatment Overview

Fabco stormwater filtration products can be applied in either decentralized or centralized treatment settings. Our products are uniquely designed to function effectively in a variety of climates and drainage system designs. Improving water quality while sustaining drainage system function is a hallmark of Fabco products.

    Fabco Stormwater Filtration Applications for Decentralized or Centralized Settings

    Decentralized Treatment Using Catch Basin Filter Inserts

    and Centralized Treatment Using Vault Stormwater Filter Systems

    Using decentralized treatment methods, specific pollutants in priority watersheds can be targeted at the catch basin level with adjustable filter inserts installed directly under the grate or connector pipe screen devices installed inside the drain.

    If centralized treatment is required at the outfall, our vault systems can be configured to remove stormwater pollutants prior to discharge into surface waters or infiltration to ground water.

    Filtration Media: Flexibility in targeted pollutant removal
    Fabco’s proprietary filtration media can be customized to target specific priority pollutants or to simultaneously treat a range of pollutants commonly found in stormwater. The media can be configured for both decentralized and centralized treatment scenarios to achieve effective pollutant removal objectives.