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Microplastics Solutions

Fabco continues to develop new unique filter solutions specifically designed to capture microplastics in stormwater.

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Microplastics Stormwater Filter Cartridge Overview

Fabco Industries’ new unique microplastics stormwater filter cartridge is specifically designed to capture microplastics in stormwater. NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) defines microplastics as any plastic fragment less than 5mm (0.2in) in length. Other sources define MP as having a specific size range of 0.0001mm to 5mm. This cartridge will stop 80% of MP ranging from 0.002mm to 5.0mm

The lightweight filter cartridge comes fully assembled and snaps securely in place with a quick twist. The modular cartridge design allows quick and easy replacement while containing the spent material for safe transport and disposal.

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  • Dry Weight: 10 lbs (MAX)
  • Material:
    • Housing: Polyethylene Polyproylene Copolymer
    • Effluent Treatment Media: Proprietary Non-Toxic Treatment Products
    • Support Hardware: CRES 300 Series or Equal
  • Flow Rate (TYP): 100 GPM (0.22 CFS)
  • Target Pollutant Microplastics, 0.002mm ≤ MP ≤ 5mm
  • Fits ALL Fabco StormBasin products
  • Dispose of cartridge in accordance with local regulations
Total Suspended Solids Soltuions Cartridge Filter
Total Suspended Solids Cartridge for Treating Microplastics in Stormwater

More Microplastics Solutions for Stormwater Management

Beyond our popular cartridge filters, we’ve also developed new unique filter solutions specifically designed to capture microplastics in stormwater. Whether you’re looking for a StormSack geotextile bag, or a ScreenBox perforated stainless steel screening device, Fabco has a solution to address these small particles. See the chart below for a comprehensive breakdown of all our types of filters, and the smallest particle size they’re able to capture!

Addressing Microplastics in Stormwater

Fabco Industries is a leader in stormwater filtration treatment products and engineering. Solve virtually any stormwater pollution challenge with our sustainable, simple-to-maintain filtration solutions. Our stormwater products are highly effective for various applications including retrofits, new construction, and green infrastructure.