ScreenBox™ Water Quality Insert

ScreenBox is a grate inlet skimmer box, a curb inlet skimmer box, and a curb inlet basket retrofit filter insert for new and existing storm drain inlets or catch basin inserts.

The stormwater catch basin filter is a new addition to the industry leading line of stormwater catch basin filter products manufactured by Fabco.

The design traps sediment and debris, all while allowing runoff water to pass through the filter and exit through the storm drain system. The Screen Box can be used for many typical applications, such as parking lots, commercial properties, roadway surfaces as well as stormwater “hot spots,” such as transportation centers, vehicle maintenance facilities, gas stations/fueling locations and industrial applications.

Durable Inlet Skimmer Design Enhances BMP ROI

The Screen Box frame is manufactured from high strength 5000 series aluminum to resist cracking, abrasion, and to survive severe temperature swings. The Screen Box also includes quality stainless steel wire screens and an adjustable mounting system that allows you to extend or contract the support flanges to adapt to the actual site conditions.

screenbox water quality device lineup

3 Sizes of Fabco ScreenBoxes

screenbox water quality insert device interior

ScreenBox Interior Close Up

screenbox water quality insert device exterior

ScreenBox Exterior Close Up

How Fabco’s ScreenBox™ Stormwater Catch Basin Filter Functions

When stormwater enters the Fabco ScreenBox, it passes through and over an optional oil boom that is placed around the top perimeter of the box. After this initial pretreatment, the water flows down through the protected bypass hood into the lower filtration chamber.

As the water drops down into the chamber and is filtered through the screens, the sediment and debris collected is stored in a dry state. This reduces potential septic conditions while minimizing the material weight that must be removed during clean outs – saving space and disposal costs.

After many storm events, the collected debris can weigh up to several hundreds of pounds. Clean outs can be done manually by lifting the entire unit from the drain and dumping or more rapidly by using a commercial vacuum truck.

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screenbox water quality device flow path diagram

ScreenBox Flow Path Diagram

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