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Connector Pipe Screen

Fabco’s CPS is a full capture device designed to trap trash and debris inside the catch basin.

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Connector Pipe Screen Overview

Certified as a full capture device by the State of California, Fabco’s Connector Pipe Screens (CPS) are designed to treat water by trapping trash and debris inside the catch basin while allowing filtered stormwater to exit via the effluent pipe. Fabco CPS devices are designed to fit through a typical ⌀22″ manhole opening, making installation easy in both new and existing catch basins. All of our standard CPS devices are designed to treat and bypass water at the same rate as the pipe they’re protecting.

connector pipe screen perforated material spec

Connector Pipe Screen Specifications

  • Available for outlet pipes up to ⌀36″
  • Perforated screen is 51% open area with 3/16″ holes
  • Screen open area ≥ Outlet pipe area
  • Bypass prevents flooding if screen is blinded
  • Bypass area ≥ Oulet pipe area
  • Collapses for entry via curb inlet or ⌀22″ manhole opening

Connector Pipe Screen LITE & Hinged Comparison

CPS LITE Render No Shadow Trash and Debris Solution
Hinged CPS No Shadow Trash and Debris Solutions

Connector Pipe Screen LITE Features:

  • Available in aluminum or stainless steel
  • Customizable shape/size for abnormal catch basins
  • Minimalistic design, only add the features you need:
    • Bottom cover for elevated pipes
    • Top cover for pipes below a curb/grated inlet
    • CASQA certified top cover

Hinged Connector Pipe Screen Features:

  • Available in stainless steel
  • Extremely durable, idea for intermittent cleanouts
  • Fully framed with 304 stainless steel angle iron
  • Perforated top cover always included
  • No option to customize shape/size

Connector Pipe Screen (CPS) Photos

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