Connector Pipe Screen Trash Capture Filter Device

Connector Pipe Screen Trash Capture Filter Device Traps Trash and Debris Inside the Catch Basin While Allowing Filtered Stormwater to Exit Into the Storm Drain Infrastructure.

A Connector Pipe Screen (CPS) is a catch basin insert trash capture filter device. Unlike other catch basin inserts that are typically installed closer to the inlet (under the drain grate or below the curb opening), CPS inserts are installed in front of the catch basin’s outlet pipe – trapping trash and debris inside the catch basin while allowing filtered stormwater to exit into the storm drain infrastructure.

Connector Pipe Screen (CPS)

Trash Capture Filter Device Insert Features:

  • Manufactured from perforated, 14 gauge, 304  stainless steel sheets
  • Perforations have a 5 millimeter diameter – screen has an open area greater than 50%
  • CPS net open area (when converted to an equivalent pipe diameter) exceeds the actual diameter of the outlet pipe leaving the catch basin – CPS can pass more volume than the outlet pipe it covers
  • Overflow / bypass prevents flooding if screen becomes blocked or covered
connector pipe screen stormwater trash debris capture device

Connector Pipe Screen Installed

The CPS is designed to cover a specific pipe diameter – its size does not depend on the size of the catch basin drain. The CPS is a compact, affordable product that is easy to install and adaptable over a wide range of catch basin sizes and styles. The design utilizes very little space, maximizes the trash storage capacity within the catch basin and allows for easy maintenance.

    Connector Pipe Screen (CPS) Photos

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