Flume Filter – Flume ScreenBox™ Stormwater Filter

The Flume ScreenBox Stormwater Filter Treats Water Travelling Through an Open Channel Conveyance System

A flume is an engineered open channel drainage structure designed for moving water from one location to another in the form of an open chute with walls that are raised above the surrounding surfaces. Flumes or conveyance channels will move lots of water with very little slope and allow for the passage of sedimentation and floating debris with little loss in head pressure. The Flume ScreenBox Stormwater Filter is specially designed for use in these situations.

The Flume ScreenBox Traps Solid Materials and Debris, While Allowing Runoff Water to Pass Through the Filter and Exit to the Storm Drain System

The Fabco flume filter is a specially shaped engineered drainage structure that are used to filter Storm water flowing in these open channel conveyance systems. The design traps solid materials and debris, while allowing runoff water to pass through the filter and exit to the storm drain system. The Flume ScreenBox system is manufactured from welded, high strength 3000/5000 series aluminum for longevity and features one or more easily maintained Filtering Bins that provide high treatment flow rates while capturing solid materials using screens and or a wire mesh. Flume ScreenBoxes are normally manufactured to customer specifications.

flume screenbox capture device layout

Closed Flume ScreenBox

suburban flume

Open Flume

flume outlet

Open Flume

Low Flow Filter Flume or Channel Filter


flume screenbox stormwater trash capture device flow direction diagram

Flume ScreenBox Flow Direction Diagram

The Fabco Low Flow media Flume filter applies Fabco’s range of proprietary filter media products, such as FabGuard and FabMax to expand its range of application to include Bacteria, oils and grease and moreContact Fabco Industries for additional information on the Low Flow Media Flume filter.

flume screenbox capture device layout expanded

Flume ScreenBox™ Stormwater Filter Photos

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