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Ready-Fit StormSack

Highly flexible geotextile catch basin insert stormwater filter

for trash and debris capture with.

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Ready-Fit StormSack Geotextile Filter Overview

The Ready-Fit StormSack was developed by simply listening to our customers. It was clear that providing detailed storm drain surveys is a time-consuming task that required mainly skilled workers to complete with confidence. Fabco’s design team met this challenge head-on with the creation of the Ready-Fit StormSack.

The Ready-Fit line of geotextile filters each provide a full 12-inches of adjustability in each direction to allow the install team the flexibility to dodge most drain protrusions and irregularities by simply adjusting the flanges right on the job site.

No special tools are needed to make these quick adjustments. Bottom line, just provide us with the grate size, and we’ll provide you with the proper Ready-Fit solution. It’s that easy!


ready fit stormsack flexible geotextile stormwater filter

Ready-Fit StormSack Geotextile Based Inlet Filtration System

RFS2222-3434-1 Base Model No Shadow

Ready-Fit StormSack Features

  • Stainless steel frame and hardware
  • Large volume replaceable geotextile filter bag
  • Custom sizes are available
  • Easily mount sack to frame using sack locking clips
  • Sack lifting tabs for easy removal when performing maintenance and cleaning
  • Adjustable slotted frame with 12” adjustment range lets you adjust the filter size to fit real inlet dimensions and irregularities right at the job site

Optional Add-Ons Include:

  • Protected bypass keeps sediments and trash safely stored, even during extreme rain events
  • HDPE mesh liner to protect geotextile filter bag during normal use, as well as while performing maintenance and cleaning
  • Ultra-Filter-Tex oil boom for added hydrocarbon capture
RFS2222-3434-1 Mesh Liner Add-on No Shadow

Mesh Liner Add-On

RFS2222-3434-1 Oil Boom Add-on No Shadow

Ultra-Filter-Tex Oil Boom Add-On

RFS2222-3434-1 Protected Bypass Add-on No Shadow

Protected Bypass Add-On

RFS2222-3434-1 Vector Control Add-on No Shadow

Vector Control Add-On


Ready-Fit StormSack Photos

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