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In 2015, stormwater fines and compliance directives totaled over 9 billion dollars throughout the country. In 2016, that figure is estimated to grow. In response to this incredible price tag, FABCO has helped create the SWEPE PROGRAM (SWEPE means StormWater Environmental Pollution Extraction). This innovative program is a cost-effective configuration of products and services that successfully deals with stormwater compliance problems.



Environmental agencies police all water entering municipal stormwater infrastructure. They test for stormwaters pollution entering these public aquifers and waterways through dry wells or stormwater inlets. Pollution left unfiltered can create health problems as well as damage to the ecological system, resulting in fines that can effect your financial status.



As Allan Leon of Leon Petroleum states, “We have learned in the past that it is much less expensive to install the filters and exchange them on a regular basis than it is to remediate the soil. Also the EPA and DEC are requiring that you remediate these dry wells or they can result in fines.”



The SWEPE Program helps protect both you from fines and local drinking water from pollutants by using specially designed products and services. This program filters polluted stormwater before it enters your inlet.



The program requires no demolition. No asphalt or concrete needs to be hammered out. Your business and parking lots will not be effected by the SWEPE installation. Afterwards, typical vehicle traffic and debris, including hydrocarbons, sediments, organics, greases, heavy metals, and bacteria are captured. They never enter the stormwater system.



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