R-Tank Underground Storage for Stormwater Runoff

R-Tank Stormwater Modules Provide Underground Storage for Runoff

R-Tank modules provide an efficient and versatile underground storage for stormwater runoff to assist with stormwater detention, infiltration and rainwater harvesting applications. With 95% void space, this system will allow you to reduce your underground stormwater storage system footprint to resolve utility conflicts or free up space for a future expansion. Due to the patented design of the system, it is one of the most efficient systems on the market and is a cost-effective alternative to stormwater basins and other underground systems.

R-Tank Can Be Used In Detention, Infiltration, and Raintwater Harvesting Applications.

R-Tank is among the most efficient options available for underground stormwater systems. When space is at a premium and the smallest possible footprint is needed to free up space for utilities and other site elements, R-Tank is 95% efficient, making it the perfect option. And with module heights ranging from 2″ to nearly 7′, there is sure to be a tank that will fit your needs.

The system is an alternative to stormwater basins and a more efficient, space saving alternative to other underground systems. After a rain event fills the R-Tank, stormwater can flow into the drainage system, infiltrate into the ground, or be reused.

R-Tank Underground Storage for Stormwater Runoff

Available in Multiple Configurations

Five different module configurations (LD, HD, SD, UD & XD) provide module options from 2” to over 7’ tall. In addition, R-Tank delivers support for HS-20 and HS-25 traffic loads, with cover depths ranging from 6” to over 16’.

A critical component of any R-Tank design is the geotextile fabrics used to wrap the tanks. The fabrics used can change the application. For instance, R-Tank can be designed to discharge the stormwater runoff into a drainage system, release the stormwater back into the ground, or contain the water for future use.

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R-Tank Installation

R-Tank Installation

Advantages & Benefits

  • High-capacity (95% void space) and high-strength
  • Offers HS-20 and HS-25 support for traffic loads (with cover depths from 6″ to over 16′)
  • Modular design allows for easy installation in most footprints
  • Increased infiltration and ex-filtration
  • Easy-to-transport
  • Lightweight and quick to install
  • Permanent and maintainable storage volume
  • Can be pre-assembled or easily assembled on-site

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Inside R-Tank Module

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