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In the world of stormwater management, few issues loom as ominously as the growing threat that microplastics pose. These minuscule particles, often invisible to the naked eye, have infiltrated bodies of water worldwide, affecting wildlife and human health alike. As they persist in our waterways, microplastics have become a ubiquitous presence with consequences that extend far beyond what meets the eye.

In 2023, Fabco Industries began focusing heavily on addressing microplastics in stormwater, and we continue to do so! While the challenge of microplastics might seem insurmountable, we are leading the charge when it comes to developing new technologies and products to safely and efficiently preserve water quality for generations to come. When we designed our Microplastics Filter Cartridge for use in our StormBasin Cartridge Filters, it was an absolute game changer, as being able to address the small particle sizes alongside other pollutants with our replaceable filter cartridges has had an overwhelmingly positive impact.

Beyond our popular cartridge filters, we’ve also developed new unique filter solutions specifically designed to capture microplastics in stormwater. Whether you’re looking for a StormSack geotextile bag, or a ScreenBox perforated stainless steel screening device, Fabco has a solution to address these small particles. See the chart below for a comprehensive breakdown of all our types of filters, and the smallest particle size they’re able to capture!

Total Suspended Solids Soltuions Cartridge Filter

The NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) defines microplastics as any plastic fragment less than 5mm (0.2in) in length. Other sources define microplastics as having a specific size range of 0.0001mm to 5mm. Fabco Industries has developed new unique filter solutions specifically designed to capture microplastics in stormwater.

Addressing Microplastics in Stormwater
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In addition to the technological advancements we’ve been making, we also strive to prioritize awareness-raising and education on stormwater management. Through our Stormwater Environmental Education Program (SEE Program) we’re able to enlighten young students about the perils of microplastics and other stormwater pollutants by bringing hands-on experiences to classrooms. It’s never been more important to make sure future generations are well informed when it comes to keeping our planet clean and safe, so that’s exactly what we’re doing!

As we continue to innovate and bring new solutions to the market, proactive measures are more important than ever. We’re hoping that by demonstrating our dedication to addressing microplastics in stormwater and our collaborative action with our partners at Ferguson Waterworks, we can protect our waterways and build a more sustainable future for everyone!

Fabco Industries is a leader in stormwater management. We design and manufacture high performance stormwater filter systems that are highly effective for various treatment applications.

Our range of cost-effective, durable products are designed to meet increasingly stringent pollution control regulations and best management practices for municipal and commercial stormwater markets.

We offer sustainable, simple-to-maintain filtration solutions to meet virtually any stormwater pollution control challenge. Innovative technology.  Proven performance.  Unbeatable quality and value.

For more information or to discuss how Fabco can work with you to protect our irreplaceable resources, contact us on our website, email us at [email protected], or call 631-393-6024.

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