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Catch basin filter insert cleaning is essential maintenance for stormwater management. Following the installation of Fabco Industries catch basin filter inserts, it is important to be aware of some simple maintenance procedures that will keep them working at peak effectiveness. Keep in mind Catch basin filter inserts treat runoff water and they protect your stormwater system keeping it flowing efficiently and helping to maintain available storage in the piping system or other devices to prevent flooding during high intensity storms.



Fabco StormBasin & StormPod systems with replaceable filtering cartridges 



StormBasin™ and StormPod™ are arguably the most advanced insert available in the stormwater market. Features such sealed-replaceable filter cartridges, superior construction using high density plastics, aluminum and Stainless steel, and patented mounting systems are just some of the key benefits included on the systems.



These advanced systems are highly efficient in capturing solids such as fine sediments & debris as well as a variety of soluble pollutants for example nutrients, heavy metals, and oils and grease using one of our 10 available filter cartridge systems.



As with any filtering system, maintenance intervals vary with application and the size of the filter. Visual inspections are highly recommended during the first year to establish optimum seasonal timing. Although the units can be cleaned by hand with shovels and a bucket, for large scale implementation the most efficient method is to use a vacuum system such as a Vactor truck to quickly suck out the collected material.



The collected material will be moist or nearly dry allowing an estimated 50 or more inserts to be cleaned using a standard 10 yard Vactor truck maximizing space and your workers scheduling – no lost time driving back and forth to the dump site to off load water. In most states the collected material is considered contaminated waste – similar to street sweepings for disposal, although you should confirm with your local, state and federal authorities just to be certain.



Likewise spent filter cartridges have been tested from municipal and commercial properties under RCRA regulations and shown to be non-hazardous (Disclaimer: testing prior to disposal is the responsibility of the owner).



Suggested maintenance



Interval: Two clean outs per year. We suggest one cleaning following the fall clean up (after the leaves drop) and a second at the end of the spring prior to the summer months.



Replace cartridges: Once per year. For most cartridges this can be done when convenient. However, nutrient cartridges should be changed just prior to the growing season to be most effective. See study.



Fabco StormSack™ and StormSok™ systems for sediments, trash, debris and more



The StormSack™ and StormSok™ are the premier post construction sediment and trash control inserts. They feature the same advanced mounting systems included on the StormBasin and StormPod but adapted to accept a high flow rate, replaceable, Geotextile filtering bag for the capture of sediments and debris. And with the addition of a standard oil boom the treatment of oils and grease is added to the treatment process making the StormSack/Sok ideal for parking lots, roadways, shopping centers, beaches or protecting other BMP’s such as underground detention systems or infiltration areas.



In general, StormSack™ and StormSok™ have greater storage capacity than equivalently sized StormBasins/Pods and significantly greater treatment flow rate giving them a little more latitude in terms of frequency in maintenance and servicing. Again, the StormSack™ and StormSok™ can be cleaned using hand tools. In fact most StormSacks™ and StormSoks™ are supplied with lifting tabs which allow the entire unit to be hoisted and dumped for cleaning. However, Fabco recognized that the use of automated vacuum equipment was key to quick and complete cleaning of the filtering bag when used in large scale projects.



To allow the use of high powered vacuums and to protect the filtering bag from shovel strikes, rips and tears Fabco is the only manufacturer that provides a secondary, rigid plastic mesh liner in front of the filtering bag (Link to News release on Liner). The liner takes all the abuse, extending the life of the filter bag and allowing the use of fast, effective vacuum cleaning.



Like the StormBasin™ and StormPod™ the collected material will be moist or nearly dry in the filter bag allowing numerous units to be cleaned and the debris collected in a single vactor truck load. In most states the collected material is considered contaminated waste – similar to street sweepings for disposal, although you should confirm with your local, state and federal authorities just to be certain.



Contact Fabco for more information on how to maintain your catch basins.