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World Water Day is an annual event that is celebrated on the 22nd of March to raise awareness about the importance of water in our lives and to advocate for sustainable management of water resources. This day was first observed in 1993, and it has since become a global event that is marked in various ways, including seminars, educational campaigns, and community outreach programs.

The theme for World Water Day 2023 is “Valuing Water.” This theme highlights the need to recognize the true value of water, not only in economic terms but also in social, cultural, and environmental contexts. The value of water is often taken for granted, and we fail to realize its importance in our daily lives. For instance, water is essential for human survival, agriculture, industry, energy production, and many other activities that drive our economies.

However, water is a finite resource, and its availability is under threat from various factors such as climate change, pollution, over-extraction, and inefficient use. These challenges require us to rethink our approach to water management and adopt sustainable practices that ensure the equitable distribution, conservation, and protection of this precious resource.

Fabco Industries recognizes the importance of water in our society, and we are committed to providing innovative and sustainable solutions for water treatment, storage, and distribution. To share this insight with the next generation, we have implemented our Stormwater Environmental Education Program (SEE Program), which teaches elementary school children the actual methods that keep our water safe and clean.  Students learn what stormwater is, where it goes and various stormwater pollutants. Real hands-on learning will involve installing StormBasin products, with specific pollution filtering cartridges right at their school. Children will understand the ingenuity and community cooperation that preserves pure water for generations to come.

school children with microscope world water day
fabco industries stormbasin cartridge based stormwater filter system top down view cartridge in

Those elementary children will grow up appreciating the effort that goes into cleaning stormwater runoff. For now, Fabco offers a wide variety of solutions to address stormwater pollution. With our StormBasin and Cartridge Filters, it’s possible to treat the water at the source long before it makes it to a local waterway like a lake, pond or river. The StormBasin unit simply drops into the inlet. You twist and lock the cartridges in position, and place the grate back on top. With the StormBasin and cartridge filters, any trash, sediment or debris that enters the inlet will be caught by the StormBasin, and all the water will flow through the cartridge filters which treat it for various pollutants. Our cartridge filters can be made to target specific pollutants, such as oils, phosphates and bacteria. The StormBasin also features a bypass to prevent flooding during extreme rain events, and trap floatable trash and debris

Catch basin inserts aren’t the only solution though! End-of-pipe solutions can be an effective way to stop trash and debris as well. Products like our Connector Pipe Screen, or StormRing series can be great at stopping trash and debris from entering the waterways while keeping flow rates high, which prevents flooding. 

We even have solutions to treat roof runoff, which is another large factor in stormwater pollution. Many cities have been implementing green roofs, and our DownSpout Filter system is designed specifically to treat the water running down to the streets below.

Hinged CPS No Shadow Trash and Debris Solutions
above ground downspout cartridge based filter system interior

As Fabco marks World Water Day 2023, let us all take a moment to reflect on the value of water in our lives and to commit to protecting and conserving this resource for future generations. Whether through simple actions such as reducing water waste at home or supporting initiatives that promote sustainable water management, we all have a role to play in ensuring a water-secure future for all.