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In November of 2020, Fabco Industries was contacted by the folks of Adam’s County in the city of Brighton, Colorado looking to retrofit a large stormwater outfall pipe with a cage or screening system to capture trash and debris from stormwater runoff prior to it entering a nearby pond, allowing for collection of trash at a centralized location rather than picking up trash piece by piece manually around the pond. They told us they were considering a netting system, but ultimately ended up deciding to go with a metal screening device for a more sustainable and easier to maintain option. We saw this as a great opportunity to utilize Fabco’s unique innovative design approach to the market.

adam's county outfall no filter
adam's county outfall no filter 2

Flume Filter Pilot Program

We were told that this was a rather common outfall in the region, and that the trash issue is something seen at most, if not all local outfalls. This project ended up becoming a pilot program where Fabco worked very closely with the county to ensure that our flume filters could be designed in order to be used in other outfalls around Adam’s County and surrounding areas. The design of the flume filter went through a few revisions where feedback from the county was given to us at Fabco and changes were made. By the end of the project, Juliana Archuleta of Adam’s County was happy to say that Fabco had designed “a one-of-a-kind system that will help protect the environment, save time for county workers, and reduce drainage maintenance costs.” It was a great collaborative effort, and the county was very appreciative of our efforts to come up with an affordable and effective solution for them to use.

Once the installation was complete in February 2022, Juliana also stated that the unit was “super easy to install! Also, very easy to carry and transport the system around.” Below are some photos from the installation.

adam's county flume filter outfall cleanout
adam's county trash and debris collection
adam's county flume filter completed installation
adam's county flume filter pilot program
adam's county flume filter installation preparation
adam's county flume filter installation
adam's county flume filter installed

An Easy Cleanout

After over two months in the field with several snowmelts and rain events, the unit collected a lot of trash and some sediment/leaf debris, and so it was time for its first clean out in April 2022. The whole cleanout process took about two hours with two people working but was ultimately worth the effort! For their second cleanout a month later, they sped up the process by adding a third person to help and it only took about one hour. Next month, they’ll be using a vactor truck to see if they can speed it up even more! See the video below, courtesy of Adam’s County, to see how their first clean out went:

For more information on Adam’s County, visit their website here.

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