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Fabco Industries has added a brand new page to the company website for those looking to install our highly effective storm water filtration systems into pre-existing drains. In the new section titled “Measuring Grates,” we offer step-by-step instructions on measuring the physical dimensions of an existing drainage inlet of both the round and rectangle variety. Having this information readily available makes it easier than ever to retrofit a Fabco catch basin insert to an existing drain; the sooner we have the measurements, the quicker we can engineer and install your stormwater filtration system.



Fabco’s StormBasin™, StormSack™, StormSok™, and StormPod™ are all considered catch basin insert filters. These filter products are designed to be installed under the grate of a typical storm drain inlet. In this position, any runoff water directed to the drain must first pass through the filter before it travels through the rest of the underground stormwater system. Catch basin insert filters can treat a variety of pollutants at this entry point effectively cleaning the water before it is combined with potentially clean water downstream. Click on the link to learn more about measuring round or rectangular grates.