Fabco Industries Stormwater Products, StormBasin, StormSafe and Downspout Filter

Fabco Industries is proud to announce that the Philadelphia Water Department (PWD) has approved its proprietary cartridge-driven stormwater quality filtration devices for private development in the city.

After a thorough and comprehensive review process, the technicians and water quality experts at one of the oldest government-regulated water providers in the country determined that Fabco’sspecialized devices meet the PWD regulations for private development in the City of Philadelphia.  This provides owners and developers in the area the confidence of using Fabco’sproven stormwater filtration products for their projects. They can also take pride in the environmental protection afforded them by Fabco technology.

“This is a significant achievement for us,” states Warren Cohn, STORMWATER PRODUCT SPECIALIST at Fabco Industries. “Philadelphia is known for its achievements in GREEN INFRASTRUCTURE (GI). The city’s GREEN CITY, CLEAN WATERS initiative sets the standard for stormwater management nationwide. To earn PWD approval is a great honor.”

John Markee, Fabco’s Vice President for Marketing, elaborates: “Fabco’s filter cartridges are designed to provide effective treatment of Stormwater while maintaining high flow rates throughout the life of the cartridge. Our cartridges can be used in a wide variety of configurationsthat are specifically designed for the unique challenges of each local situation.”

StormBasin: A Water Quality Insert (WQI) that can be utilized in new or retrofit construction to provide water quality treatment close to source by providing that treatment in drain precast inlets/basins.

This StormBasin, deployed close to the source treatment, is consistent with the EPA’s definition of Green Infrastructure (GI) and Low Impact Development (LID). StormBasin features easily maintained plastic basins, durable aluminum frames, covered bypass for extreme events, field adjustability and low cost of ownership.

Fabco Industries Downspout Filter

Downspout Filter: Designed to treat particulates and soluble pollutants contained runoff from roof tops.

These units can be specifically configured for above or below grade applications. They offerflexibility to collect and treat drainage from sources other than roof top downspouts. The standard unit design includes pre-treatment, water quantity design volume and overflow drainage. These filters are easy to install and maintain at a low cost.

Valt stormwater filtration

StormSafe Cartridge Vaults: Ideal for drainage areas that require centralized stormwatertreatment beyond simple gross pollutants and trash removal.

Underground stormwater filtration

StormSafe Cartridge Vaults can reduce concentrations of targeted stormwater pollutants in a cost-effective manner. Standard StormSafe unit design includes pre-treatment, water quantity design volume and overflow drainage. These are easy to install and maintain, with a low cost of ownership.

Fabco is recognized as an industry leader in the design, manufacture, and application of engineered stormwater treatment systems. We practice a philosophy of continuous product innovation, research, and development.

Warren invites developers and project managers in the Philadelphia area or in any municipalitythroughout the nation to contact him regarding the use of Fabco stormwater solutions for their unique needs. He can be emailed at wcohn@fabco-industries.com or call him directly on his mobile phone at 484-689-1113.