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Fabco Industries is constantly incorporating cutting edge technology into our stormwater filtration systems, which makes us leaders in water quality solutions. Previous Fabco blogs have focused on CPS Screens providing compliance for trash and debris requirements (Dec 2021) and Fabco’s expanding rings facilitate the use of different filters to enhance rain garden performance (Jan 2022). A combination of those Fabco innovations have been used to create Fabco’s new line of Expanding StormRing devices which can provide solutions to a variety of stormwater management concepts.

The Expanding StormRings are a series of devices that secure into the inlet or outlet pipe opening. There is a specific back plate and front cover on each device that allows all components to be installed in the inlet without the use of power tools or drilling into the existing structure. This allows for easy installation and uncomplicated maintenance, whether the device is used to control debris, water flow, or both.

The Expanding StormRing Connector Pipe Screen (CPS) is a catch basin insert trash capture filter device. This is a pipe mounted screening device that traps debris inside the catch basin. This product catches trash as small as cigarette butts while still allowing filtered stormwater to pass into the storm drain.

expanding stormring connector pipe screen expanded model and profile views

The Expanding StormRing Flow Control unit is designed to filter debris while limiting maximum stormwater flow. The flow rate required in the project determines the diameter of the flow control orifice. This gives the project manager control over the specific sizes of the perforated screen which filters the debris.

expanding stormring flow control expanded model and profile views

The Micro Diversion Weir restricts stormwater flow into the existing outlet, containing the standing water until it reaches the bypass height. In projects that require stormwater flow to be processed outside of the outlet pipe, this is the ideal expanding ring choice. 

expanding stormring micro diversion weir expanded model and profile views

The Expanding StormRing Inlet Flow Limiter controls stormwater flow that is leaving the inlet pipe. When flow rates exceed the determined levels, the water is allowed to flow through an open bypass on the top of the device.

expanding stormring inlet flow limiter expanded model and profile views

All of Fabco’s Expanding StormRing devices control stormwater flow, catch debris, or do both with the actual project paramters determining the trype of Expanding StormRing device necessary for the job. In all instances, the Expanding StormRings require minimum maintenance. There is no need to flush or suck out debris. They require less space when installed and do not need to be bolted into an existing structure. The do not require specialized tools for either installation or maintenance.

The units are available in 6, 8, 12, 15 and 18 inch configurations. Fabco’s Expanding StormRing series brings new innovative solutions to the traditional stormwater management design.

Perhaps the greatest benefit of the Expanding StormRing product line is that it gives clients better control over their stormwater treatment demands. As environmental or municipal conditions evolve, Expanding StormRing devices can evolve to fit the new needs. They can be used with out geotextile bags in bypass structures and enhance the performance of rain gardens and infiltration units. In fact, there are few stormwater projects that cannot benefit from the use of these flexible, adaptive products.

To get a better grasp of your stormwater project needs, bring the project parameters to Fabco Industries. We would be glad to discuss how our Expanding StormRing products can maximize your water quality and meet or exceed your regulatory requirements.

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