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When we design a stormwater inlet filter insert, it’s incredibly important to make sure it’s going to fit in the inlet without any issues. This means accounting not only for the type of inlet and the length, width and depth of said inlet, but also any protrusions, like ladder rungs or extruding pipes, that could possibly get in the way of the filter insert fitting appropriately. Making sure our team of engineers is aware of these parameters will ensure you receive a unit that fits your inlet.

Fabco’s new inlet survey guides will assist you in completing any of our inlet survey forms when recording these measurements and protrusions. Depending on the type of inlet you are surveying, you will use one of three different survey forms:

Grate Inlet

Fabco Industries Grate Inlet Survey

Square or Rectangular Structure
with Flat Grate

Open Curb Inlet

Fabco Industries Open Curb Inlet Survey

Open Curb Throat
with Manhole Access
and No Flat Grate

Open Curb Manhole

Fabco Industries Open Curb Manhole Survey

Open Curb Throat that drains to an Internal Round Structure
and No Flat Grate

Introducing New Inlet Survey Guides

If you’ve never been out in the field performing an inlet survey like this before, it could be a pretty intimidating task. With that in mind, we’ve developed a set of guides for each survey form that will walk you through each stage of the form, step by step at your own pace, to make sure you complete it correctly. You can access these guides on our website by visiting the Stormwater Inlet Survey Assistance page under the Resources tab, or if you’re already in the field with your printed forms on a clipboard, each form has a QR code on it that will take you to its respective guide.

Once you choose which survey form you’re working with on the Stormwater Inlet Survey Assistance page or scan the QR code on your printed survey form, you’ll be taken to the main page for that specific survey guide, which breaks down each survey into its sections, which are labeled vertically on the left side of the survey form. From here, choose whichever section you are having trouble with. See the below image for an example of one of the main hub pages:

new inlet survey guides hub page example

Grate Inlet Survey Guide Hub Page

Each section is full of images that will help you easily walk yourself through the survey form process. If any further help is needed, we can also offer remote survey assistance. Thanks to modern tech like FaceTime, video calling is possible from just about anywhere. Contact Warren Cohn at [email protected] to inquire about setting up a meeting where our team of Fabco stormwater experts can help you out while you’re actually out in the field, no matter where you are.

To download any of the inlet survey forms or view their guides, click the links below:

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