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Stormwater Open Curb Inlet Survey Considerations

Recording Curb Information Guide to Review Information Needed on Curb Dimensions and Recording it on the Survey Form

All Fabco Industries Water Quality Inserts (WQIs) are manufactured to properly fit inlets by using specific information compiled in a survey of the “as-built” inlet. The Fabco Grate/Inlet Survey form serves as the tool to provide that information.

Fabco Industries highly recommends that this web-page be reviewed by the actual inlet surveyors prior to getting to the survey site. Friendly Reminder: The actual survey form has the QR code incorporated onto it. Scanning the code at the job-site will take the user to this survey support web-page.

Recording Manhole Measurements

The critical aspect of the manhole measurement is that you are measuring for the “Clear Space/Opening” (Box A) through which the Fabco Insert body may be placed into the inlet.

open curb inlet survey manhole measurements boxes
open curb inlet survey manhole guide diagram
open curb inlet survey unit fit in manhole

Reminder: The body of the Fabco Inlet Insert may need to be placed into the inlet through the manhole opening.

open curb inlet survey manhole clear space diagram

That being the case, it is critical to get the clear space diameter (above left), not the outer diameter of the cover frame (above right).

Distance Measurements

Open Curb Inlets come in a wide variety of configurations. Regardless of configuration, it is important for Fabco to understand the distances from the manhole rim to the curb line (Box B) and side walls of the inlet (Boxes C and D).

open curb inlet survey manhole distance measurements