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John Rocchio Corporation of Smithfield, RI will be installing a 40 cartridge StormSafe™ Treatment System manufactured by FABCO Industries, Inc., in the Town of Marion, MA.   The installation is part of a 10 year, multi-phase infrastructure improvement project that is projected to cost the town $5.2 million.   The project is taking aim at replacing outdated and deteriorating sewer pipes, drainage systems, roadways, and sidewalks that not only are an eye sore, but also have been the cause of some environmental issues.  As a result of these problems, namely the sewer pipes and drainage systems, there is an abundance of polluted stormwater being discharged into the local harbor.

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FABCO worked with the Town Engineer, CDM Smith of Providence, RI to determine the most effective means of stormwater filtration for the storm sewershed of Ryder Lane. marionsealRelative to other filtering systems, the StormSafe™ is designed to provide a highly effective treatment solution within a small footprint, which matches the needs presented by the Town Engineer as they worked with predetermined space limitations. By utilizing the same proven filter technology as the StormBasin™ product line, a Massachusetts Stormwater Technology Evaluation Project (MaSTEP) listed technology; the StormSafe™ can reduce concentrations of targeted stormwater pollutants, and allows for flexibility in design. Both of these factors being of utmost importance to this project solidified the decision to include StormSafe™ within the project specifications. Additionally, commitment to long-term success was shown within the specifications that resulted in the FABCO supplying 3-years’ worth of cartridges to the Town of Marion Department of Public Works. More information about FABCOs innovative technologies can be found at