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Fabco staff recently traveled to observe the installation of six Stormsafe™ filter cartridge vaults for a customer at a project site located near Kutztown, Pennsylvania. Fabco worked with Exeter Supply Company (Reading, PA) and Liberty Engineering, Inc. (Allentown, PA) to complete the project.

The customer was in need of a state-of-the-art stormwater filtration system to satisfy the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection’s (DEP) requirements for post construction stormwater management. Utilizing Fabco’s filtration expertise, we devised a design that incorporates both stormwater detention and infiltration solutions – a “treatment train” approach for managing stormwater. A treatment train commonly involves the use of a variety of designs and stormwater treatment systems, which are connected together to provide the most effective removal of pollutants and to efficiently return stormwater to the natural hydrologic system or for harvesting.

The Stormsafe™ Cartridge Vault is an excellent example of Fabco’s design innovation. The same cartridges that are utilized in our StormBasin™ catch basin filter inserts for decentralized stormwater treatment can also be used in an “end of pipe” or centralized vault design. Contained inside of the concrete, multi-chamber vaults are multiple filter cartridges that reduce concentrations of targeted stormwater pollutants. As stormwater enters the vault, the heaviest pollutants including large sediments and gross debris/litter are removed and the water is passed through the filter cartridges to remove targeted soluble pollutants including hydrocarbons, metals and sediments in suspension. Once treated, the stormwater can then be infiltrated into the ground on site or reused as a best management practice that is consistent with the objectives of green infrastructure design.