Fabco has Your Solution To Bacteria Removal in Stormwater  

Fabco’s FabGuard™ media is designed to reduce coliform bacteria found in stormwater, industrial wastewater and municipal wastewater and is registered with the EPA. Field and laboratory testing of the FabGuard™ material has shown efficient bacteria reduction, even at relatively high flowsrates.

Reductions in Coliform Bacteria with High Flow Rates

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How does the FabGuard™ technology work?

FabGuard™ is an open cell foam material that contains an antimicrobial agent that has proven effective in reducing coliform bacteria found in stormwater. The Antimicrobial agent is a patented chemical technology that, when applied to the FabGuard™ base material, forms a colorless, odorless, positively charged coating which bonds to the surface. At the microscopic level, imagine a layer of electrically charge fibers or spikes covering the surface of the FabGuard™ media. Coliform bacteria contained in stormwater that contact the treated FabGuard™ surface are punctured and neutralized.

Fabco StormBasin with antimicrobial FabGuard™ filter media


FabGuard™ material can be implemented using Fabco’s replaceable cartridge technology for use in our catch basin insert line, StormBasin™, or in our StormSafe™ underground vaults. For a high-flow end-of- pipe solution, our patented Helix™ systems provide the highest treatment flow rates in a compact, economical design.

Fabco’s Helix™ vault system with FabGuard™ media reduces Coliform Bacteria

Fabco’s Helix™ is a sub-surface vault system that can be configured to treat stormwater flow rates up to 9 CFS. The scalable vault can be used as a standalone BMP, or as a secondary filtration device following pretreatment via a land based system or manufactured treatment device.  We offer sustainable, simple-to-maintain filtration solutions to meet virtually any stormwater pollution control challenge. Innovative technology. Proven performance. Unbeatable quality and value. Discover all the reasons why Fabco gives you…Evolved Stormwater Solutions.

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